dan mesec

The Stikine Canyon

The last month has been quite a ride. Movement has been the main attraction to life. Exploring the coast, the mountains in my backyard and up north in the Stikine. Filming and shooting all along the way. I’ve had the great pleasure to work with some great people the last couple years but nothing compares to my recent visits to the pristine Stikine Canyon in B.C.’s northwest.

Last fall was the first adventure into what really is the final frontier our our planet. One of the last great wildernesses. “More people have walked on the moon than in the Stikine Canyon.” – MB

It was a powerful experience. Some people might ask ‘why would you get dropped by a chopper in the middle of nowhere?’ It’s not nowhere, it is the epicenter of life on this humble planet of ours.

We just got back from another excursion into the Great Wide Yonder. Here is what we saw!




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