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The Hug Farm… An Organic Experience

Recently a photo essay was entered into the Lumix Photo Festival For Young Photojournalists in Hannover, Germany. In the coming weeks we will hear if it’s selected for exhibition this June for the fourth installment of the event and a chance to win the Freelens Award. www.fotofestival-hannover.de

Here is a quick excerpt from the essay that was shot over two seasons working and living on the Hug Farm just outside the small mountain town of Smithers B.C.


In 1937 Ernest Hug and his parents immigrated to Canada from Switzerland. They settled deep in the mountains of British Columbia on a 160-acre farm to raise cattle and grow vegetables. Now, more than 75 years later, Joe, Ernest’s first son, is the last one working the farm the way his parents once did; GMO and chemical free, 100 percent Organic. Although Joe has built a successful business, Healthy Hugs Organics, growing and selling at farmers markets and local establishments he’s, pushing 50 and looking down the road he wonders who will take over after he can no longer work the land. However, his belief in the Organic lifestyle and his drive to live a simpler, more natural existence is why he will never stop.

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